Yoga & Climbing

The benefits of yoga have been widely accepted for generations now, even to the unconverted! Climbing is also starting to go mainstream - with investment in huge indoor climbing facilities, inclusion in the Olympic games in Tokyo 2020 and a new generation of rock athletes pushing the boundaries of what's humanly possible to achieve with your body.

So why both?

Yoga postures are proven to improve flexibility and strength so they fit really well with mountain activities like climbing where full range of motion and strength are critical. Climbing, like yoga involves moving the body in many different directions. It is also all about being in the present moment and attention to breath is also fundamental to both activities. They fit so well together, yoga classes are now available in many indoor climbing walls.

The combination of yoga and climbing is perfect. They compliment each other very well.

Climbing for yogis:

  • Explore your body capabilities in a different plane - the vertical plane

  • Use that strength and full range of motion to its fullest capabilities

  • Experience fear (it's perfectly natural and keeps us alive) and learn how to manage it

  • Connect more fully to your inner core strength

  • Have fun outdoors doing something your body will be naturally pre-disposed to enjoying!

Yoga for climbers:

  • Helps you connect more fully to your breath, learn to relax and flow through sequences more easily

  • Manage fear and makes you more confident in your abilities

  • Provides greater flexibility for climbing moves such as rock-overs, frog legs, bridging etc.

  • Develop a stronger core so bouldering and overhanging ground is easier to tackle

  • Adequate stretching after your hard routes for injury prevention

  • Relaxation so you can enjoy your free time and you're not continually thinking about that hard project you've still go to finish.

Still don't believe us?

Our yoga styles and classes

The great thing about our retreats is being able to offer both mountain activities and yoga. We have lots of interest from couples as this combination really seems to appeal to partners looking to do something different together and meet like-minded, adventurous and active people.


We offer two yoga classes everyday suitable for all levels - one first thing in the morning to get the body moving and another before dinner to help you relax. 

Morning practice is a more active class based on Vinyasa Flow Yoga focusing on warming up muscles. Breathing and meditation techniques are also used to set your intention for the day and focus your energy.

Evening practice - served before dinner is a chilled out session to soothe your body. Based on Yin and Restorative Yoga, we hold postures for a longer period of time to really stretch out tired muscles.

This is not yoga boot camp, classes are optional and designed to take care of both mind and body through joyful movement.



A little ditty about yoga

Every time I get on my mat, I feel better. 

It nourishes my soul, quiets my mind and tones my body. 

Finding space in the breath. 

And strength through my core.

It helps me accomplish more through movement than before.

yoga retreat practice.jpg