Women’s Alpine Adventure Club

Summer Meet: Ecrins May 25 - June 1, 2019

An inspiring space for women that supports growth through adventure - building skills and confidence outside and within! We want to make alpine experiences available to more women, allowing them to push themselves outside their comfort zones and understand what they’re really capable of.

We’d like to build a network of qualified leaders, trainee leaders, outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor beginners to all help support each other to have fun adventures in the Alps and grow fearlessly together. To start this epic journey, we thought a summer club meet in the French alps would work well.

Behind every successful woman is a few friends giving her crazy ideas and a shit load of other kick ass women.
— Adapted by us

Who is this for and what will you get?

You don’t have to be an outdoor athlete to join or even have any outdoor experience - just the motivation to come out and play. So what’s in it for you?

new to the outdoors?

  • Learn new skills e.g. climbing, trail running, map reading, snow shoeing…

  • Become confident outdoors

  • Learn about kit - what to take for a day out

  • Improve your fitness through alpine activities

  • Have loads of fun with inspiring women

  • Meet new buddies to play outdoors with.

looking to improve skills:

  • Learn tips and techniques from the professionals

  • Improve your outdoors skills e.g. navigation, glacier travel, rock rescue…

  • Tackle an alpine peak with your peers

  • Team up with women that have similar aspirations

  • Have a fun alpine adventure together with inspiring women

  • Meet even more new alpine buddies to play with.

trainee & outdoor instructors:

  • Qualified instructors will get paid - hooray!

  • Trainee instructors will get hands-on group experience

  • Trainee instructors will also be buddied up with inspiring female instructors for learning.

The summer meet week - what’s included and what will it cost?

We’re not building a profit making machine here, we’re talking about an inclusive, accessible club where we can all support each other. So we’d hire a cheap gite or hostel and all pitch in for food and take turns cooking for each other to keep costs low. Then we’d simply share the cost of the week - accommodation, organisation and instruction between us (likely to be in the region of £250 - 400 each for the week).

So far, we have two incredibly inspiring female mountain guides joining us:

julia photo.jpg

Julia Virat

A local guide and Rab athlete, last year she fulfilled a life-long dream to solo El Capitan on Triple Direct - that includes three of Yosemite's classics!!


Tania Noakes

UK guide, writer and adventurer who skied the entirety of Norway last year - that's a journey of over 2,500 km!!

What else will be on offer and what if you can’t make that week?

Don’t worry if you can’t make that week, this is just the start of a beautiful thing. We’d like to run a club here; so we’re talking online learning resources, membership community, winter adventure weeks and more…

Any of that sound interesting? - then let us know…

When women support each other, incredible things happen.
— Source Unknown