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A passionate all-round climber that loves trad, bouldering, sport routes and alpinism. Dylan's super keen to share his knowledge and help others improve. He's got a talent for making people feel comfortable and at ease both on and off the rock.


louise kennedy

Our resident yoga teacher and an avid rock and ice-climber, Louise loves the outdoors and going on big adventures. She's also a real foodie, loving to grow, forage and create in the kitchen. Alpine Fix is her baby - a coming together of everything she loves in life.


louise bloom

A very gifted body-worker who knows intuitively how to align and fix you. She loves surfing, vegan food and the ocean. Fantastic yoga instructor, single mum and all round super hero. Currently studying to be a physiotherapist. She'll be swapping flat plains for the mountains to help us this summer.


ROBert george weir

Our amazing chef, he relentlessly cooks incredible food and bakes tasty bread. We’re totally blessed to have this man in our team. Guests rave about his meals and we try to get in as much activity as we can each day so we can make the most of it all without feeling guilty.


atlanta dickinson

A wonderful, gentle being and yoga teacher. Atty is also blessed with great chef skills and a love of aromatherapy. She was a wonderful part of my teacher training journey in Peru and helped facilitate a great learning and transformative experience for all the students that attended.

Friends & Special Star Guests


Words struggle to describe this woman; a beautiful fun-loving and caring spirit. A true Greek Goddess with so many great gifts to share - martial arts, thai yoga massage, climbing, surfing, art and horseback archery to name just a few. She's helping us to create a transformational workshop for opening up the warrior goddess in all of us.

My very first yoga teacher, responsible for all that initial enthusiasm and dedicated practice. It's an absolute honour to work with Mark Freeth - an excellent teacher - at the cutting edge of yoga and movement. He's thrown away the rule book, inventing his Freestyle Yoga Project that blends movement skills with old skool yoga into something new, challenging and inspiring.

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