Born from a love of nature...


... a love of being in the mountains. Whether climbing, practicing yoga outdoors, hiking, wild camping, swimming, sharing food…it’s the connection to nature that makes us feel alive and free.

We believe that material things and wealth don’t make us happy but positive experiences do. That life is all about shared adventures - experiencing yoga, climbing and mountain activities, learning how to grow food and bake bread and sharing our skills in a supportive setting – can have a positive impact on people’s lives collectively and individually.

Being outdoors in the mountains also helps us to be better humans:

  • reducing pressure, stress and anxiety

  • improving health and wellbeing

  • increasing personal confidence and ability

  • letting go of bad lifestyle choices

  • encouraging us to lead simpler and happier lives.

We’re not a retreat – we don’t promote relaxation, we promote a sense of adventure, shared learning, growth and change.

Alpine Fix runs mountain adventures and workshops – including many different activities such as outdoor yoga, hiking, snow-shoeing and climbing to cooking and baking master classes facilitated by professional instructors and mentors.

Allowing clients to safely explore a beautiful environment, try new things and share experiences with a warm community.

Louise - Founder of Alpine Fix.

Louise - Founder of Alpine Fix.

So what's different about us?

Our sense of adventure and community spirit, we’re more than just a retreat or an activity holiday. We encourage people to explore the outdoors and their capabilities by curating unforgettable experiences from movement workshops to scaling mountains. They also share those experiences in a supportive setting with a friendly crew on hand to support.

We'd like people to come and have fun - but hopefully it will spark greater change as well by allowing them to explore their own fullest potential - digging into their own resources and seeing how infinite the possibilities are.

So come play with us. Be free, feel your body, stretch yourself, connect to your power source and have fun in the great outdoors.

Our values

LOVE NATURE. a strong connection to our environment.

LIVE SIMPLER. more experiences and less stuff.

INSPIRE CHANGE. support growth with shared experiences.

Our partners

Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in such a peaceful environment where they are free to play. I've worked closely with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, a global organisation dedicated to saving lives, and understand how important their work is in providing better futures for millions forced from home.

We donate 10% of the profit from every retreat.

We're also happy to support any causes our guests have close to their hearts and will ask if there are any other preferred partners that they would like to donate to during our retreats.


A unique experience with an attention to detail I have not found anywhere in my retreat experience.
— Mark - UK