3 killer moves you'll need this winter!

If you’re a keen skier or boarder, then no doubt you’ve already been plotting your winter breaks and checking early snow forecasts!

The winter season is nearly upon us and to stay on the slopes all week long - you’ll need to take action NOW.

Getting the most out of your holiday means you’ll need thighs of steel so don’t wait until you arrive to make that happen. And even better than that, these killer moves can be taken into the office with you… just a few simple yoga poses you can rock out each day between now and snow time!

Warm up first

Don’t try these killer moves without warming up your body first or you’ll be injured before you even arrive! If you’re already a yogi, sun salutations will work a dream. If not, then star jumps, brisk walking, jogging… whatever suits your location that you enjoy best.

Then try these moves:


1. Fierce Posture for building fierce leg muscles

From a standing position - inhale, then exhale as you drop your hips like you’re about to sit on a chair and raise your arms with hands pointing to the sky.

Then simply relax and enjoy, you can stay here for 10 breaths and work up to 30 seconds or a minute. Your tired legs will thank you in advance for this one.

Ideally in the posture you’re after a straight, long spine with toes, ankles and knees touching each other (difficult to do in ski boots).

Also, protect those knees, they shouldn’t come over your toes!

To come out of the pose - straighten your knees, extend your spine and lift strongly through your arms before lowering them to your sides to stand tall once more.


2. Extended Hand Big Toe Posture for building yet more leg strength

Great for leg strength, stretching & challenging your balance.

This posture really isn’t to be tried with skis on as our model demonstrates!! You’re not supposed to lean back this much, but we will forgive our model the extra weight of boots and skis. Also the key to stability as well as not doing it with skis is to have a very solid, stable supporting leg.

You can get into this posture by first raising the leg and holding it with your hands. You can support the leg anywhere and have the leg as bent or straight as suits you.

Remain holding the leg in your hands for 5 breaths then, as you exhale bring your hands to your hips and try to keep that leg up in the same place as it was when your hands left it.

KEEP BREATHING. But probably faster as you’ll want to put that leg down!!

Shake it out, then go again on the other side.

Aaaah bliss.

You can read more about the benefits of this pose following this link.


3. Warrior Posture so you can really attack those slopes

This is great for strength, stability and hip flexibility.

Your front knee should be at a right angle and not over the toes here, so your joints are stacked to be well protected.

Arms parallel to the floor, ideally palms facing down.

Turn your back foot out to face the same direction as your chest and stand tall, no need to lean forwards here. Square your hips to face the same direction as your chest.

Create a stable foundation by pushing down through your front toe mound and pressing the outer edge of your back foot down too.

Then to switch sides, straighten the bent knee to come up, turn that foot out and finally bend the other knee.

For more information on warrior sequence visit Ekhart Yoga.

If you’ve not yet booked your winter escape - why not join us for an alpine adventure: your choice of snow sports, coaching on the slopes, yoga and massage to soothe tired muscles, a cosy chalet, awesome food from a dedicated chef and a friendly team.