Movement - use it before you lose it!

Louise Bloom our resident body worker on evolving from crawling, to standing... to sitting button-pressers.

Louise describes why we need to use it before we lose it people:

bouldering ailefroide.jpg
As more and more of our activity becomes physically limited (sitting, pressing buttons on laptops and phones, standing at sinks, sitting, looking at screens) the parts of our organisms that are dedicated to hearing across distance, running, stretching up, carry heavy loads - eventually even making facial expressions, touching other organisms etc. - fall into disuse.
Over time they will be eliminated as the process of evolution continues, but for now they are still there. 


On why we're born to climb:

Using her hands and feet in the vertical plane is as instinctive as the horizontal, she is crawling up the wall.
How climbing helps us reprogram our fears:
Climbing can put us in physical situations we find to be ‘impossible’, and then show us how possible those things actually are. In short, we can reprogram our fear. 

She also brings it back to yoga of course:

If climbing offers us the opportunity to use our body in an instinctive way, then yoga gives us the space to understand and explore those movements.

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