What to pack for your alpine adventure


General kit

  • Suncream, sunhat, sunglasses
  • Personal towel
  • Water bottle or hydration pack(s)
  • Comfy clothes that allow you to move freely
  • Swim-wear for lake swimming or white water if you fancy it
  • Rain-proof layer or hard shell (hopefully you won't need it)
  • Down jacket or warm duvet style jacket if you have one
  • Small day sack for carrying layers, lunches etc when hiking / biking
  • Layers you can take on and off easily to adjust your temperature - warm in the day but can get chilly at night.


  • Yoga mat if you like to practice on your own mat
  • Running shoes and/or any hiking boots you have - ideally not new so you don't suffer blisters!
  • We recommend you bring your own climbing kit - rock shoes, harness, belay device, helmet
  • For bikers - clothing including gloves and helmet.

Kit Hire

If you need to hire bike gear, our partner Jacky Sports of Vallouise can help.

Prices include:

  • 28 Euros per day: bike from 24 Euros, helmet - 4 Euros
  • 126 Euros per week for 6 days hire

You can hire your climbing kit if needs be at our partner King's of Vallouise.

Prices include:

  • 19 Euros per day: harness - 7 Euros, helmet - 5 Euros, shoes - 7 Euros
  • 74 Euros per week for 6-7 days hire

No need to worry about calling and reserving kit in advance, we use local shops so we can easily pop in and arrange it the day you arrive.