It was awesome. Highlights included seeing my first glacier, top climbing tips and the food.
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Explore on foot - hike or run

The Ecrins National Park with 350kms of marked trails along with the surrounding valleys offer great scenery for hiking or trail running. There are high mountain passes, remote lakes, hanging meadows and even a rare species of high altitude frog!

We can recommend different itineraries depending on how far and high you want to go and provide a guide if you'd like to venture further than you would on your own.



Trail running for all levels

We can offer guided runs for beginners, intermediate or advanced runners.


Trail running is about inspiration, adventure, beauty and challenge. We want to get you out there enjoying mountain trails, whatever your current running level is - even if it is your first time.

Our aim is to share our skills so you can have an action packed, fun, guided week with a running and mountain skills tool box to takeaway.


  • gives positive and fast recovery times

  • and stretches out crucial muscle groups.

Most importantly though we get natural energising endorphins whilst moving through nature... followed by deep relaxation to balance our mind, body & spirit. It's an experience that will get you hooked for life. Hope you will come join us.

All in all, a great experience and I look forward to returning next year.