The food was fantastic, Rob was a beast of a chef and it was very exciting to find out what was being eaten each evening.
— Tom, UK

Fresh, Organic & Wholesome

We're as passionate about good food as we are about the outdoors - our dedicated in-house chef will delight you every day with freshly prepared meals and picnics.

Fresh, seasonal and healthy food that tastes amazing - simple. 


Kitchen Garden & Local Produce

We grow as much as we can and also use local suppliers in the valley surrounding us.

What we can’t grow ourselves, we buy from our neighbours. So your food won’t have travelled far from leaving the ground and onto your plate.



Three freshly prepared meals will be served each day - we ask you to eat out just one evening so we can give our chef the night off.

You're welcome to enjoy wine. It's not included in the price but please treat yourselves!

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The lunchtime picnics were also perfect and I am still having dreams about the focaccia.
— Tom, UK